Lake Eyre

This flight allows you to see one of the most iconic features of Australia and the outback. On rare occasions when the lake floods the landscape goes through a massive transformation, and as the water starts to evaporate the famous salt lake forms and so begins another transformation returning the lake to its natural, dry, state. A spectacular sight to see with or without water!

From Birdsville, we make our way over the racecourse and the town before tracking west over Adria Downs station to Big Red. From Big Red, we follow the QAA Line to the Eyre Creek. You will then follow the Eyre Creek south as it weaves its way through the Simpson Desert. The Eyre creek is one of the major water systems that eventually makes its way to Lake Eyre via the Warburton River. From Eyre Creek we fly south west and cross into the Simpson Desert, see the hundreds of parallel sand dunes allowing you to get a true appreciation for the vastness and enormity of this great continent.

In the heart of the Simpson Desert we fly over Lake Umaroona and surrounding salt lakes which are about 100km south of Poeppel Corner. Continuing to fly south, we make our way to Kallacoopah Creek and the edge of the Tirari Desert. The Kallacoopah Creek meets with the Warburton River at the northern tip of Lake Eyre. The Warburton River mouth forms the beginning of a defined channel known as the Warburton Groove which is the water path to the southern part of the lake.

Following the Warburton Groove southbound to Halligan Bay and Belt Bay we follow the coastline passing over Babbage Peninsula and the opening to Jackboot Bay and Hunt Peninsula. We then track for the township of Marree where we stop for a break and a chance to explore the town.

From Marree, we track up the eastern side of Lake Eyre, across the Tirari Desert tracking for Kalamurina and Cowarie Stations on the banks of the Warburton River.

Following the Warburton River we pass over Clifton Hills station, one of the largest stations in South Australia. Clifton Hills is right on the edge of Goyder Lagoon, the origin of the Warburton River and the end of the Diamantina River and Eyre Creek, where the majority of water that floods into Lake Eyre comes from.

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As we fly up over Goyder Lagoon we then join up with the Diamantina River and follow it back to town passing over Pandie Pandie station before making our way back overhead Birdsville to circle and land.

This flight will take you far across the Australian deserts and over the iconic Lake Eyre, allowing you to understand just how unique this countries landscape is.

Flight Time – 3.3 Hours

Cost – From $990 per person inc GST