Innamincka & Burke & Wills 'Dig Tree'

This half day tour is great for those that would love to visit Innamincka and the Dig Tree in style. This flight truly is a fantastic day out for great value! With the flight landing in Innamincka and right at the Dig Tree what better way to see these historic locations.

From Birdsville, we follow the Diamantina River south to the local cattle station Pandie Pandie. From Pandie Pandie we fly south following the Diamantina for a short while before breaking away to the south east and heading for the Coongie Lakes.

You can read more about the Coongie Lakes by clicking here.

From the Coongie Lakes we continue to make our way further south east to land at Innamincka. From here we will visit the Innamincka Hotel for Breakfast or Lunch and spend some time in the old Australian Inland Mission building which has information about the surrounding area or perhaps take a stroll down to the Cooper Creek crossing.

From Innamincka we take a short flight to the east following the Cooper Creek to reach Dig Tree. The landing strip is located about 300 meters from the river bank and the Dig Tree itself. Take a short walk and get a true appreciation for the Burke & Wills Expedition. With plenty of pictures and information in the displays there is plenty to learn about this historically rich place.

From the Dig Tree we then make our way over the Strzelecki Desert, back over the Coongie Lakes and then across the eastern channel country before landing back in Birdsville to complete a sensational day out.

You can expect to spend about an hour and a half in Innamincka and about an hour at the Dig Tree which gives you plenty of time to see everything. Depending on timing, the flight can also be flown in the reverse direction to ensure the kitchen is open at the Innamincka Hotel on our arrival.

If you want to spend more time in Innamincka, we also offer an overnight tour so you can really get an appreciation for the town. And if you're staying the night, why not indulge in Sunset River Cruise.

Flight Time – 2.4 Hours

Ground Time – 2.6 Hours

Cost – From $660 per person inc GST

Note: Meals are not included, overnight option pricing available on request and depends on accommodation availability.