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One of our most popular flights! A great flight for those that want to get an appreciation for the contrast the Simpson Desert has in store. This flight will show you two of the major river/creek systems that flood into Lake Eyre. Along with vast flood plains and the Simpson and Sturt Stony Desert.

From Birdsville, we make our way over the racecourse and the town before tracking west over Adria Downs station to Big Red. From Big Red, we follow the QAA Line to the Eyre Creek. You will then follow the Eyre Creek south as it weaves its way through the Simpson Desert to Goyder Lagoon. Goyder Lagoon is the meeting point for the Eyre Creek and Diamantina River and the start of the Warburton Creek which floods into Lake Eyre. At Goyder Lagoon you'll fly over the Inside Track, the original Birdsville track, and then follow the Diamantina north as it meanders its way past Pandie Pandie Station, through the State Border and to Birdsville.

This flight allows you to see two of the three main rivers that flow into Lake Eyre, the Georgina (Eyre Creek), and Diamantina. Goyder’s Lagoon is the catchment for these two rivers prior to them reaching Lake Eyre. Goyder Lagoon is a spectacular sight as there is usually plenty of water to promote the wild flowers and grasses to grow. Where there is grass there is also life, see the station cattle, wild horses (Brumbies), camels and plenty of birds.

Lodged between the Simpson and Sturt Stony Deserts provides you with the most amazing contrast when you see such an abundance of wildlife between such arid deserts. Pack your Camera!

Flight Time – 1.5 Hours

Cost – From $395 per person inc GST